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Wedding Photography in Napa Valley

For years I have traveled, as an adult moving 22 times, searching for, well, the place that felt like home, comfortable, safe, great weather, good and kind people and importantly peaceful.  All of this and more has been found in Napa Valley.

Napa is a little word that carries a great deal of weight.  It’s a land of many faces, many views and vistas, and of course many grapes and their wines.

Let’s start with the people, they simply could not be nicer, whether it’s as you drive through the valley and they allow you to merge into traffic without any honking and nastiness, or the smiles when passing in the street, the people here are happy, they choose happy and live happy lives.  They are also generous, many of the county charities have huge success stories of the millions they raise.  We find the folks of Napa Valley to be genuine.

Yes, there are excellent views from the side of the Mayacmas Mountains but also from the valley floor where simply driving Upvalley on either Highway 29 or the Silverado Trail can yield extraordinary views and mile after mile of vines.   A favorite view to share with guests would be to stop at Miner Family Wines on the Silverado Trail in the Oakville AVA, from their property, with a glass of wine in hand, it’s an amazing view across the valley towards the Mayacmas Mountains.  Vineyard after vineyard and layers of ridges and movement in the land.  Truly stunning views and fine wines.

Living here as a Napa County wedding photographer and family photographer with a background in landscape photography, I feel like I am in heaven.  Actually I’m sure I am!  What a great feeling to know the many vineyards where I am welcome to create images of their properties; it’s often I will wake and grab cameras and head towards the vines.  Check this link ( to see more of our heavenly valley called Napa.

Meeting people here has been delightful.  Seemingly everywhere I go there is someone new to meet, greet, share times with and just connect.  Walk into Peet’s or Starbucks for a cappuccino and there is always someone saying hello or good morning.  Enter an afternoon party and many guests will be there to greet and welcome you to the event.  We feel this is due to the fact that so many people are happy to be here, happy to have chosen this valley as home.  We feel this deeply as this is the way we feel each day as we are home!

There is an event here called Auction Napa Valley that happens each spring.  Each year millions are raised by the Napa Valley Vintners to be shared to the under privileged and as well to help and assist with health needs.  Sure it’s a great party for many winemakers, winery owners and guests from around the world but it’s also about being charitable.  As a note this year they raised $14 million.  Quite a tidy sum to share.

While it will not fit here in today’s writings I will in the near future write of the food and wines of our area.


See you in Napa!