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Thinking of family and individual portraits I think of time and I want images created that people want to print and look at for 50 years. Not just for a short time but magical images that reflect a special time in a family's or person's life. Seemingly easy and often it is but there are times when certain people just do not like their photos to be taken. With these folks are quite easy as I let them know that while they may feel they do not take good photos that I do take good or great shots of them and they can simply relax and enjoy the photography time. Rather easy and an exceedingly wonderful gift to share.  

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We just had a chance to look at your photos.  You are a miracle worker!  Thank you so much for the wonderful images, for capturing the beauty of the day and the joy of the children and for making the adults look great, too!  And many thanks for coming on such short notice. 

Daphnie Araujo

Please contact for more information: Mary Steinbacher 707-255-1516 /