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Thinking of the world of corporate life and the images of that world I am brought to the images of success, joy of shared working friendships and the successes of hard work.  When company get together at distant locations, such as Napa or Jackson Wyoming, they choose to create visual memories of their events with photography.  With my background in photojournalism it’s my honor to create images and those memories.  Companies receive a variety of images from wide-angle to telephoto close-ups.  When your show or event ends all you have are the images.  With great photos from a photojournalistic view you can showcase your prosperous company and share the view of your positive future. 

Mary Steinbacher Photography…the art of life

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"Amazing, amazing work. Thank you so much. We had essentially zero photo assets until this shoot and you've given us so much to work with. I can't thank you enough."


"Awesome shots, Mary! That #37 of Nathan is a true treasure. I hope Jessica frames it! There's lots here we can work with.

Thank you, thank you, thanks you for your wonderful genius!"

Kathy regarding QTR Vineyards and Winery

“Thanks, Mary! The photographs are beautiful -- thank you so much for your time and talent : ) "

Propane Council


Please contact for more information: Mary Steinbacher 707-255-1516 /