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Napa County Wedding Photographer Mary Steinbacher Highlights Her Process

August 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Trusted Napa County wedding photographer, Mary Steinbacher has recently outlined her process in crafting outstanding wedding scenes for her clientele. She focuses primarily on seeking that warm, glowing look that a person has when they see their loved one walking down the aisle. She also looks for pictures that highlight the warmth and affection between families as they celebrate a special day.

One of the most challenging elements of wedding photography is capturing the unique sense of occasion. Only the most skilled wedding photographers can take a picture with the ideal lighting at the perfect moment of the day, and it’s a talent for which Mary Steinbacher has become well known throughout her time in the industry. She’s now highlighting her ability for capturing timeless imagery and the process that has helped her succeed in the industry.

“In each and every one of us there is magic and a glow. When I photograph people this is what I seek, that warm glow, a glow that happens when someone is thinking of a loved one, their child, their spouse, their parents, their pet or in some cases a glass of red wine. This glow, this warmth cannot be matched and cannot be conjured. There is no posing this type of image, it’s from the heart, it’s a bearing of the soul, a sharing of what’s most special in our lives. It’s magic,” says Steinbacher.

By working with clients, Mary Steinbacher can ensure the ideal imagery for their special wedding events. Her experiences and her expertise continue to help her create one-of-a-kind pictures for memories that can be savored year-upon-year. To learn more about Napa County wedding photographer Mary Steinbacher and her services, please contact her offices at 707-255-1516 or visit her business website at www.marysteinbacher.com.

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